Using state-of-the-art technology software like INSTANT and ROBOT, METEKO provides structural design services through tailor-made studies and offers low-cost solutions such as variable cross-sections.


METEKO is equipped with: CNC machines Closed-circuit furnaces (tunnel) for sandblasting and spraying work A paint shop of 2,500 sqm Fully automated production line for composite beams up to 3.2 meters height consisting of 2 T-master machines connected with cross conveyor The company runs welding procedures and holds welders certificates from independent certifying bodies such as Moody’s, TÜV and Lloyd’s. The company maintains an internal quality control department with personnel certified to perform non-destructive tests including ultrasonic tests. Its industrialization capacity reaches up to 750 t/month. Given the above parameters, METEKO’s reputation over the years has been enhanced by providing quality workmanship with special attention to completing projects on time and within the desirable budget.


In an attempt to develop an automated production line through CNC machines, METEKO makes use of STRUCAD, TEKLA and AUTOCAD software, thus generating appropriate CAM data. This way, METEKO performs fully computerized cutting and drilling work with a low probability of error. The combined usage of the above give us the opportunity to have 4D and 5D modeling providing valuable data to our clients.


The erection plans and construction sequences are carried out by METEKO company crews emphasizing on safety and proper completion of the production process.