METEKO S.A. operates in premises of 17.000 sqm in an self-owned estate of 55.000 sqm. The premises include painting facilities of 4.000 sqm and offices of 500 sqm. Situated in North-Eastern Greece, we have easy access to North and East through the Balkan peninsula and Turkey.


In our constant effort to optimize products and services, we established in 2003 our subsidiary company, Steel Service Center S.A. S.S.C. is operating in an self-owned estate of 43.000 sqm with covered area of 25.000 sqm in the Industrial area of Thessaloniki, and is providing easy access to South and West from the major port of Thessaloniki.


Our combined equipment includes:

Plate production

The production line for plates consists of seven machines.

They can process plates from 1mm to 100mm thickness. This process can include: cutting, drilling, marking, formation of threads, bevel cutting and special work (milling, hole cleaning).

Beam production

The production line for beams consists of nine machines supplied by FICEP Italy.

They can process beams up to 1250 mm height and angles starting from 30x30x3. This process can include: cutting, drilling, marking, taping, special cuts (bevel cutting and upper and lower flange cutting) as well as special work (such as milling, hole cleaning).


Welding types used in production are:

All products can be shotblasted and primed in two pre-heated closed-circuit tunnels for shotblasting and painting and in two drying furnaces supplied by OMSG and SAVIM Italy and Wheelabrator Germany. The shotblasting quality is Sa 2.5. The coat primer can be chosen by the customer, if necessary.

Quality certification

Urged by the commitment for constant improvement and delivery of high quality products, METEKO S.A. has established an internal quality department with highly trained personnel, in order to monitor, inspect and record all stages of fabrication and delivery process.

This way all construction activities are certified to be within the requirements of applicable codes and standards, while following project’s specifications.