ERUP (Elefsis Refinery Upgrading Project) held under the supervision of TR (Technicas Reunidas) – Spain, between May 2009 and end of 2011. METEKO was asked, after detailed joints calculations and 3D models approval by TR, to fabricate about 400 miscellaneous type Structures 13.700tn total structure weight in S355 material grade and bolt material grade up to 10.9.


Main Piperack of Unit 72 (1140tn), was a 100X50m heavy type Piperack, with columns section up to HEM700 & maximum base plate thickness up to 75mm. Total structure height is 26m with 34 different working levels and was materialized in 1.5 month.


Piperack of Unit 33 (770tn) was a 11.6X100m plan and 21.5m total height with columns and beams sections up to HEM600 and HEB700 respectively. Maximum plate thickness was 50mm, while 30 different levels were used in order to model this Structure.


Main Piperack of Structure 33 was also a 12.8×79.0m plan with total height of 24.6m and 29 different levels. Columns & Beam section were HEM900 and HEA550 respectively. Maximum plate thickness was 70mm.


Structure K (430tn) of Unit 34, was a 18.0×24.0m structure and 22.3m total height with 14 different working levels. Column section were HLM1000 (Fire Proofed) and some of beams section were HEM900, HEA800 & HEB800.


Sulphur Storage Shelter of Unit 85 (900tn), a heavy duty Shelter 100X50m and 10m total height of columns up to HEM800 and beams HEA900 with internal roof service corridor, was materialized in approximately 1 month and finally Structure D of Unit 38 (665tn), was a HEM700 column industrial building with base plate thickness up to 70mm and beam up to HEA600.




In total there were constructed:

  • 5 Shelters,
  • 20 Piperacks,
  • 70 Simpler Structures,
  • 110 Miscellaneous type Platforms,
  • 80 Pipe support Structures,
  • 20 Modification type Structures and
  • 95 multi-function Structures.



Multiple painting systems were used. Also specialized interventions took place in order to adjust building initially fabricated by WH (William Hare – England). Except from Steel members, Rails, Ladders, Steps, Grating were also supplied. Production pick was 2000tn/month.

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