TRUP (Thessaloniki Refinery Upgrading Project) was help under the supervision of FW (Foster Wheeler – Italy) between May 2009 and February of 2010 where METEKO fabricated all the steel structures exclusively. After detailed joint calculation and 3d model review, Miscellaneous Steel Structures were fabricated such as Piperacks, Platforms, Pipe Stanchions, and Cable Tray Supports etc. Total structure number was about 90, (15 Piperacks, 30 Platforms, 10 Pipe Stanchions) maximum structure weight was 1000tn and total project weight was 3000tn. Service Steel Structure such as Grating, Steps, Rails & Ladders etc were also supplied.


In more detail the biggest Structure was a complex of two Structures, Piperack 5 and Structure A and was materialized in three different phases due to simultaneous design from FW and time pressure. Maximum column section was HEB600 with base plate thickness up to 60mm and 35 different working levels. Structure maximum height was 53.1m.


Piperack 2 (370tn) was a 62.0X9.0m plan view Piperack and 18.6m total height, where 18 different levels were used. Column section was a built up I type section 500×500 with 31mm & 20mm flange & plate thickness respectively. Beam sections were up to HEB550. Approximately 70% of members were fireproofed.


Piperack 6 (250tn) was a 21.0×19.5m Piperack with total height 17.9m and 26 different working levels. Maximum column and beam section was HEB600.

On all Structures service type assemblies such as ladders, rails and checkered plates (galvanized) were also supplied.

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