METEKO was asked from TERNA – HITACHI cooperation as main contractor to construct and erect for National Public Power Corporation, new buildings  (Buildings 9-10, 11, 13, 14, 19 & 38) for the turnkey 660 MW Ptolemais V lignite power plant in northern Greece. On this total construction project, except from assemblies that deal with building member type static integrity, METEKO fabricated rails, checkered plates, grating, painted but also galvanized.


  • Building 9_10 is the main building of this project of 950tn total weight of steel assemblies. Its steel structure is composed of typical section as well as special I type custom dimensions sections. Material grade is S235, S275 & S355. Plate maximum thickness is 60mm. Assemblies total weight during erection were 56tn and 54m long
  • Building 11 is the second biggest steel building of 510tn. Except from typical I type sections, custom I type beam were fabricated in dedicated Submerged Arc Welding machines up to 970mm total beam height.
  • Client

    TERNA S.A.

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